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“Foundation for Peatland Restoration and Conservation” is a non-profit non-governmental nature protection organization, established in 2012. The founders and stakeholders of the organization are peatland scientists and restoration specialists with many years of experience in nature management projects. Our  specialists are actively involved in biodiversity conservation and habitat restoration, climate change mitigation, agricultural policies and innovative solutions. The organization is assisted by an advisory council consisting of Lithuanian and EU experts with many years of knowledge in the field of peatland restoration and conservation.

Our mission is to search and apply effective, innovative and traditional  solutions ensuring the protection of natural peatlands and their biodiversity, successful restoration of damaged peatlands and to increase the resilience of natural ecosystems changes.

Natural and restored peatland ecosystems for the benefit of nature and society.


Prof. dr. Romas Pakalnis


Scientist, devoted more than 40 years to research at the Institute of Botany, expert in landscape ecology, peatland ecological restoration, forester, public figure.

For the last 15 years, the professor has paid a lot of attention to the ecological restoration of peatlands. In 2005 he initiated research on the vegetation and ecological conditions of the Aukštumala raised bog and activities to restore the hydrological regime.


Since 2010 he worked in the system of the State Service for Protected Areas, actively participated in the activities of peatland restoration projects implemented by the Lithuanian Fund for Nature.

Nerijus Zableckis

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Ecologist, nature management specialist

Nerijus has many years of experience as a head of organizations, leading national and international projects in the fields of biodiversity and habitat restoration. Since 2012, he has focused on wetland and peatland protection, climate change issues in the land use, land use change and forestry sectors. Member of the International Peat Organization (IPS).

+370 (656) 20426

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Dr. Jūratė Sendžikaitė

Botanist, expert on peatland ecological restoration

PhD studies and scientific research at the Institute of Botany (Vilnius), as well as skills of working in non-governmental nature protection organizations are closely related to the studies on peatlands and meadows ecosystems, practical aspects of ecological restoration, assessment of paludiculture, protection of biodiversity, public education, etc.
Member of the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) and the International Peatland Society (IPS).


+370 (633) 81 039

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Dr. Leonas Jarašius

Ecosystem Restoration Specialist


From the very beginning of his studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Vilnius University, he was actively involved in the fields of nature protection and restoration. Continuing his studies at the Nature Research Center, he focused on issues of peatland restoration and in 2015 defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic of ecological restoration of peatlands. Research interests: monitoring of peatland hydrology, habitat studies, ecological restoration of peatlands, promotion of paludiculture.


+370 (680) 87 594

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Žydrūnas Sinkevičius

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Botanist, forester, nature management specialist


His relationship with peatlands began thirty years ago when he started working as a biologist in the Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve. Gained scientific experience and skills were later used in the preparation and implementation of nature management projects related to the protection of peatlands and forests. Research interests: ecological restoration of peatlands, monitoring of changes in plant communities, preparation of nature management plans.

+370 (671) 66 993

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