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Meeting on the restoration of peatlands and the establishment of a carbon credit system in Lithuania


The activities of the project "Save the past for the future LLI-476" were presented at a conference dedicated to the formation of landscape and greenery

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As the amphibians of the Preili manor park became rich in new wintering grounds


Hardworking hands help to restore Kamariškės manor

Excursion to Tartoko swamp

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We invite you to participate in a survey about the ecosystem services of historic parks


Review studies of biological diversity in Bebrinė, Lūznava and Preili manor parks (Latvia)


The young helpers help to revive the park of Kamariškės manor


Arborist works were performed in the parks of Antalieptė and Kamariškės manor


A pleasing study of biodiversity research on the Great Island of Lake Zaras

Atkuriama žemapelkė pavasarį.JPG

Peatland restoration of agricultural areas in Lithuania among measures of the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility 

Naujienos Pelkiu diena 2021.jpg

On the occasion of World Wetlands Day, we invite you to a remote lesson about wetlands

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