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MIRE - A peatland where peat is currently being formed and accumulating.

PALUDICULTURE - (Latin ‘palus ’ = swamp) is the productive land use of wet and rewetted peatlands that preserves the peat soil and thereby minimizes CO2 emissions and subsidence. 

PEATLAND​ - An area with or without  vegetation with a naturally accumulated peat layer (at least 30 cm) at the surface.

Peatlands include:

  • intact and restored mires;

  • areas with remaining peat layer which are drained and used for agriculture, forestry and other activities, where peat decomposition and peat layer loss occur;

  • peat harvesting (abandoned and operating) sites.


PEAT - Sedentarily accumulated material consisting of at least 30 % (dry weight) of dead organic material, which mostly formed form the plants

PEATLAND VEGETATION - Plants which can grow in humid oxygen-free environment and form the peat layer from their dead parts.

WETLAND - is a distinct ecosystem that is flooded by water, either permanently or seasonally, where oxygen-free processes prevail.

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