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Restoration of peatland ecosystems

Restoration of cut-over peatlands by combining paludiculture and ecosystem restoration

Project duration: 2020 - 

The project is partly financed by UAB Klasmann-Deilmann Šilutė

In Lithuania, peat quarries occupy approx. 20 thousand. ha, of which more than half are abandoned and not used for industrial peat mining, unfortunately their restoration is still slow.
Based on our own and international experience of scientists and practitioners working in the field of abandoned peatland restoration, we offer not only the traditional method of recultivation of cut-over peatlands by overflooding, but also by establishment of peatland vegetation (sphagnum, cranberries, reeds, reeds, sedges, etc.). The first efforts to combine paludiculture and ecosystem restoration were initiated  in 2 ha area of the abandoned part of the Aukštumala peatland (Šilutė district) in 2019. In order to continue good practices of the restoration of cut-over peatland ecosystems, in 2020 similar works were extended in the Ežerėlis peatland (Kaunas district), where typical raised bog and fen vegetation were spread in experimental fields.
For more detailed information, please contact the person responsible for the project implementation: Leonas Jarašius, e-mail:, mob. +37068087594


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