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Hardworking hands help to restore Kamariškės manor

2021 September 20 In the park of Kamariškės manor, young people roared, chainsaws were shaken, shovels and wheelbarrows were creaking, and hopeful tea was burning on the campfire, because the air had not been warm since the morning, especially the helpers who were accustomed to it from the south. An international group of young helpers from Ukraine, Italy and, of course, Lithuania gathered to manage the park environment and clean the foundations of the old manor. These are young people united by the Erasmus + international exchange program, not only interested in protecting the natural and cultural heritage, but also wanting to contribute to its restoration and protection. The clean-up was organized by the Innovator Valley Public Institution and assisted by the specialists of our Wetlands Protection and Restoration Fund.

The event was started by the representatives of the Public Institution Inovatorių slėnis to present the history of Kamariškės manor, its current condition and plans to raise the manor for public needs, to tidy up the environment, while preserving the biological diversity of the old park. Žydrūnas Sinkevičius, a nature conservation expert from the Wetlands Protection and Restoration Foundation, who walked across and along the park and discovered many interesting things in the park, told the guests about the natural values. everything fits: plants, animals, fungi, and microscopic organisms ... and dreams ... Well, where are the stories about the rare shrewdit and red-bellied moths living in the territory of the manor, as well as the naturally growing pair of Lithuanian orchids - the Baltic goose and wide-faced rag ...

After getting acquainted with the values ​​of the park, the helpers got to work: they cleaned the basements of the old manor, dug the foundations, prepared quiet and safe wintering grounds for newts and gossip, cleaned the old park according to the recommendations of the specialists. ... Maybe next year the garden will be more fertile? After all, an apiary located in the park is especially waiting for the abundant flowering fruit trees.

During the respite hour, the bountiful helpers were treated not only to lunch with the promised hot tea, but also ... the sinful "Lazy" cake.

Well, another event is waiting for Friday, thanks to which educational stands about the history of the manor and its natural values ​​created by an international team of young heritage conservationists will appear in the manor.

We invite you to come to the manor - not only to look around, but also to take part in new talks - every hard-working hand can contribute to the restoration of the old manor.

Project "LLI-476 Save the Past for the Future"

2014-2020 Interreg V-A Latvian-Lithuanian cross-border co-operation program

The total value of the project is EUR 1,030,848.12,

of which - co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund - EUR 876,220.89.

The aim of the project is to increase the capacity of organizations involved in the restoration and maintenance of historic parks in the regions of North-Eastern Lithuania and Latgale through modern and comprehensive land management provisions combining historical, natural and biodiversity values and aspects of the rural landscape.

This article has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union.

The State Agency for the Restoration and Protection of Wetlands is responsible for the content.

The contents of this article do not necessarily reflect the official position of the European Union.

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📷 Photos by Jūratė Sendžikaitė

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