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Restoration of cut-over peatlands by applying paludiculture and other restoration approaches


The start of the project is 2020

End of the project - N / A



JSC Klasmann-Deilmann Ežerėlis
JSC Klasmann-Deilmann Šilutė




The project is partly financed by

JSC Klasmann-Deilmann Ežerėlis

JSC Klasmann Deilmann Šilutė

In Lithuania, peat quarries occupy 20 000 ha, more than half of which are abandoned and unused, unfortunately their reclamation for the restoration of wetland ecosystems is still slow.  

Based on our own and international experience of scientists and practitioners working in the field of wetland restoration, we offer not only the traditional method of reclamation of exploited peatlands by flooding them, but also by planting the roots of wetland plants (Sphagnum, cranberries, reeds, cattails, etc.).

The first works of this kind in 2019. to be implemented in the part of the Aukštumala peat bog (Šilutė district) that has been decommissioned, where the basics of chemistry have been placed on a specially equipped 2 ha plot.  

In order to develop good practice for the restoration of wetland ecosystems in peatlands used for peat extraction, in 2020 analogous works were extended in the Ežerėlis peat bog (Kaunas district), where experimental fields were installed and  (cumin and cranberry) and lowland (reed) plants.

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